Writing a Short Story part O-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

It’s her final day at the mansion and she gathers around everyone to say her final goodbyes before heading home. Her items were packed in a pink suitcase and her blankets with a pillow were placed in a yellow duffel bag. At once, Daisy has recovered well with her broken leg but is saddened to see everyone else stay behind while she has to go home with her owners.

She admits that even though she got hit by a truck which was a painful experience she will never forget, she does not regret coming to the mansion and recuperate in a different environment where she felt safe, pampered and making friends that will last a lifetime. “Goodbye Iceman,” Daisy said before exiting the Academy. Iceman ran up, gave her a hug and handed her his phone number. Foxy also did the same thing and so did everyone else.

Her owners didn’t have to pay due to the truck driver being sincere, generous and paid all of their vet expenses. As she departed Dogs Drool and Rule Academy, she turned around, barked at her friends and was on her journey back to Bridgetown, Tennessee to live and lead a happy life.

The End