Traffic Light Method for Journalism Students:

After writing my previous blog post relating to the differences and similarities between blogging and yearbook, there was a method I thought of pertaining to those who are deadline driven.

Of course, you know it can be difficult to finish your work and meet a deadline on time unless you work very hard to make sure you have no errors, misspellings and improper punctuation usage. Here is a method for students who are interested in journalism to think about:

Green Light:

  • When you have corrected your mistakes that were circled or underlined, print off a new copy of your corrected page and hand it in to the editor-in-chief. If no errors were found, you receive the “green light” and are ready to move onto your next assignment.

Yellow Light:

  • The yellow light means that there were some errors that have been spotted, but will be corrected by the staff to make sure that your page will be published on time.

Red Light:

  • Your deadline will have to be missed at least a few days because there were lots of mistakes noticed by the staff. For example, kicker titles. They may not match the theme to your yearbook. Or, the division page story has one too many grammatical errors and name misspellings.

Yearbook and Blogging: Differences and Similarities: Part 2

To continue from last week’s previous blog post pertaining to the differences and similarities between being on a yearbook staff vs blogging.


  • Hobby-what you do in your own free time. No deadlines, being your own boss and enjoying your work without it being criticized for not being perfect. 
  • Extracurricular Activity-working on everyone else’s time. You are under pressure by multitasking. For example, editing your assigned yearbook page for sports and still expected to go out and interview someone else who will be in a different section of the yearbook. You will have to redo your work until everyone revises and receives the “green light” from the yearbook adviser and editor-in-chief. 


  • Blogging can also be deadline driven if you work for a journalism company and use a blog to publish your work. 
  • These assigned posts/pages can or usually are planned out ahead of time but still not be published until after the deadline where you edit and hand in your work three to four times.