Writing Style:

As you age, many things begin to change. For example, your writing style. It changes from the time you pick up a pen, paper and write in elementary school to the rest of your life. In other words, you expand your vocabulary and go through many English courses throughout your educational career which helps you gain knowledge and a perspective on:

A.) Terminology-You don’t just expand your vocabulary by selecting a different word from the dictionary to identify whatever it is you’re trying to explain in your research paper, but you expand your vocabulary by reading books and gaining an idea of what the author is explaining to you. 

B.) Sentence Structuring-Sentence structuring is significant because it helps you organize what you’re writing about and where your main points belong in each paragraph. 

C.)  How to Differentiate between Proper & Improper Words-For example, using “their” instead of “they’re” when referring to a group of people who are going to the movies together. “Their” can be used to describe a university’s expensive book store (Their textbook prices are expensive). And “they’re” is used as “They are going to the movies together.”


D.) Avoiding Run-On Sentences by cutting your entire sentence or paragraph short. Adding too many details in one sentence will make the reader bored or confused. That is the reason why you add and separate the extra details into different paragraphs.

Writing a Short Story part J-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

The first group up to bat scored three runs and one player struck out. The next two players hit the ball, but were caught by Daisy’s teammates. Now her team is up to the plate and ready to score some runs. The first member walking up and ready to hit the ball is Bullet, a Shih Tzu Pomeranian from Walker County, Tennessee. Bullet came to Dogs Drool & Rule Academy due to his back legs being ran over by a pickup truck and it was the closest place where he can recover quickly while his owners are away on business for one month. He has been at the mansion for three weeks now and his legs are healing at a steady rate. Due to his back legs being in casts, he will need to have one of his pals run for him. Daisy stepped up and volunteered to run for him while he hits the ball with his front paws.

Unfortunately, Bullet struck out and as a result, Daisy didn’t run for him. One player out, two more to go. Iceman, another team member, practiced his swing before running up the plate. On the first pitch, he hit the ball to left field and made it to third base because one of the players on the other team was struggling to pick up the ball and throw it to short stop.