High School Journalists: MagCloud

In a previous blog post, I briefly mentioned MagCloud and some of the projects you can publish on that website. But what’s going to be brought up within this post is that MagCloud is not always about publishing your photographic work. You can create a story book, magazine no one has ever heard of, newsletters, cards and yearbooks.

If you are interested in creating a newsletter, for example, sign onto your MagCloud account and hit at the top: Create. Afterwards, select, “Download Templates” and click on “Newsletters.” Choose which newsletter you would like to create and download the template. Remember, some projects may not always be appealing at first, but the more you continue to create and publish as many projects as you are desired to do, your recognition will happen in no time. For the time being, have fun and always learn from those who give you the greatest advice. Constructive criticism is important because it helps your work improve significantly.