Man to be Eaten Alive by Anaconda:

Sometime late last week, I overheard a conversation with some college students who were discussing with each other about a man who will be eaten alive by anaconda by wearing a “snake-proof” suite, which will include a breathing apparatus and a rope tied to his ankle after he is inside the snake and yank him out. That blew my mind out of the water. Who would ever think of being inside an anaconda for one minute and still be alive? There are so many questions that need to be answered, especially if he or the crew is forcing him to be shoved down the anaconda’s throat and see what happens while he is in there for a minute or so. And I agree with a lot of people, anacondas squeeze their prey to death before they even consider gobbling their food.

I dislike snakes, including the largest snakes that are ginormous enough to eat a human being, but I am asking here: how will the man be yanked out of the snake if the snake will not disgorge him even though a rope will be attached to his ankle? Surely, you cannot force a snake to vomit its own meal?