Writing a Short Story part A-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

I have never written a book before, but I do have a story hoping that it can be finished and published one day.  Before you write a book, start off with writing your first short story, in which I will begin with in quotation marks.

“One evening, Daisy’s parents-Joe and Josephine Bell, a young couple from Bridgetown, Tennessee, was on their way to visit relatives in another state until Daisy jumped out of the car at a gas station and was immediately hit by a blue Ford pickup truck. The truck driver stopped, put the vehicle in park and ran over to see if the dog was injured in any way. The couple were in shock, as well as Daisy, who only suffered a broken leg. The driver responsible for hitting her offered to pay for the vet bills, and offered them another suggestion: ‘There’s this place, located in Malibu, TN named “Dogs Drool and Rule Academy.” If you would like, I can give you directions to their address. They are trained vets living in a mansion, where dogs can stay until they made full recovery.’ Mr. and Mrs. Bell took the driver’s advice and told him politely not to pay for the bills.”

Journal Assignment #1: Teaching Sentence Structure to Kids

Even though it seems as if I am writing a school assignment, I am not. This blog will not only contain photos, but my daily journal assignments that I enjoy discussing for English and Journalism majors, as well as high students and yearbook staff members.

#1: When you teach children how to write, think of simple vocabulary children can learn and move onto another level if they are ready to be taught a new set of terminology.

#2: Not to mention, teaching them how to shrink their sentences and fill in the blank with vocabulary words is another useful technique how to teach sentence structure to kids

*Now I will provide some examples of incorrect and correct sentences*

A1 (Incorrect): Before bed, mommy was reading me a story about two kids who were best friends who grew up and were split up in middle school because of becoming friends with new kids who came from different schools.

A2 (Correct): Tonight, my mom read a story to me about two kids growing up together as best friends until their separation in middle school due to befriending new kids from different schools districts.

*If my examples are not clear enough,  feel free to comment and I will be happy to explain or blog new examples.