Why Do Journalists Over-Exaggerate When They Publish Articles Online?

Seriously, when I read different websites over certain subjects, such as Yahoo’s obsession of the so-called arguments happening inside the walls of Buckingham Palace, I can’t help but think that posting untrue and obnoxious stories are not worth reading and are full of drama and reactants. The articles need to be truthful, provide facts and leave your opinion out of it unless if you have a point to back up with that assumption.

Of course, it is smart to avoid websites that do not have the sources for stories over, for example, which celebrities punched each other on the red carpet this day and skip the article part and scroll down to the comment section for laughs and view different opinions.  And you can exit out of one website and move to another if you don’t like it, but these “internet journalists” need to rethink and re-write their work because over exaggerating, adding your two senses into the subject without a back-up plan and spreading rumors will not guarantee you a job for Peoples’ Magazine if you continue to publish false information without confirming with another source if a certain story is authentic or not.

I apologize for ranting on here, and I know that I am a blogger, but dishonesty and panicking in your articles intended for your readers is not professional unless you are writing a fictional storybook.

What are your opinions about journalists publishing their work on Yahoo and other news sources?

Have a great day, everyone!

Magazine Project #1 “Southern Nature Taken Over”: The Introduction Page Story

“As a first time magazine creator, I would like to take the time and introduce what topics have been covered throughout this entire journey: birds, roses, trees, flowers, cats, dogs, flower garden and crape myrtles. They all are apart of nature and go through what us humans go through in this world: life and death. Photos of nature do not only depict what cats are staring at or assuming what they are getting ready to do next, but photographs represent what their life is like, how it, he or she survives, and what changes throughout the year.”

Journal Assignment #2: Vocabulary Words

Tonight, I will be posting a blog assignment, based on terminology and definitions. There will be vocabulary words, their meanings and some examples down below.

#1: Preserve-to keep fresh, clean, clear. (Ex): It is essential for the park rangers to keep their park preserved for historical and non-historical reasons.

#2: Complex-difficult; challenging. (Ex): The math problem I solved for three hours tonight was complex.

#3: Essential-important, significant. (Ex): We have to understand the essential material over the Civil War because we live in the modern day South and teach it for our children to know what happened in the past and what we can do to prevent anything similar like that, from happening again.

#4: Prioritize-organize, priority. (Ex): Before you drive home tonight, you need to prioritize your work station and throw away any trash that you spot on the counters and floors in your area.

#5: Exponentially-quickly, growth of increase or decrease. (Ex): The crime statistics in Georgia have exponentially elevated.

Writing a Short Story part F- Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

“The workers walked into the living room and announced, ‘Hello everyone, you can now walk outside and play Frisbee for fifteen minutes. Physical exercise is important for your health and helps you recover quickly. Come on out, now!’ Everyone ran outside and each of the staff members held a Frisbee with their names on it. Daisy’s name was called and told her to run like the wind in order to grab the flying object from her mouth and give it back to the person who threw it to her in the first place. For fifteen short minutes, the only physical exercise of the day was the Frisbee flying from one dog to another dog.”

Writing a Short Story part E-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy: Introduction to Character 1-Iceman

“A Persian cat walked up to Daisy and introduced himself. ‘Hi, I am Iceman and I’ve been here for over one month due to a car that hit me while I was crossing the road,  which caused me to have both broken legs. I hope you enjoy your stay here at the academy because there are tons of fun adventures we explore throughout the mansion. In room, 21A, we play with video games while in 21B, we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. And last but not least, room 22, our bedrooms, filled with a combination of cat and dog beds, blankets, pillows, and a bathroom. This academy is a dog and cat’s dream come true, fantasy land,  peaceful environment and a fresh air full of life.’  Daisy stood there in shock and depicted Iceman’s description of the mansion.”

Writing a Short Story part D-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

” When Daisy’s owners signed a contract for her to stay and recuperate for one month, she woke up from her nap and was surrounded by cats and dogs who are staying at the academy as well, to recover from their injuries by walking outside the second week after their accident happened and interact with each other for at least 5 to 30 minutes in a tight fenced backyard.”

Writing a Short Story part C-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

“After wrapping Daisy’s leg in a cast, the staff picked her up, walked to a nearby room and placed her on a dog bed and closed the door. Mr and Mrs. Bell sat down with the staff in the living room, filled out some paper work and told them to keep a sharp eye on Daisy while she is recuperating for one month at the academy. Not only will she rest, but there will be days she will go walking in the backyard with the other dogs and befriend one another.”

Writing a Short Story part B-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

Continuation of the story…

“On their way to the Academy, Daisy sat in the back seat for an hour and whimpered until the Bells pulled over and grabbed their emergency kit and wrapped bandage around her leg. Still crying, they got back inside the vehicle and drove until they arrived to Dogs Drool and Rule Academy, stopping the car at the nearest entrance and run inside, yelling, ‘We need help. Our dog, Daisy was hit by a Ford pickup truck and broke her leg.’ The staff used a stretcher and ran to her aid immediately. They placed Daisy on the stretcher and rolled her into a room to examine what bone she broke and placed a cast on her leg.”