To Future University Students: College Work is Complex

As a third year student at a university, college work is complex  but the only way you can succeed in college is to be an overachiever and focus on your studies without procrastinating and cramming your books into your backpack one day before you take a test. And, ask professors for help if you are confused about your assignments.

When I left high school, I thought college was going to be easy as a breeze, but when I received an “F” on my first English paper at the beginning of freshman year, not only did I feel like I failed my first paper in college, little did I know that I was adjusting to the “Real-World” environment. And, I needed to be a responsible, young 19 year old by asking questions to my professors, arrive to class on time everyday and re-do my work until I earned an “A.” You don’t just show up to class, hand in your work and think that you got an “A” because there are bumpy roads you have to drive on, but if you pay attention to what is said and understand what you have to turn in, keep driving down that road and your car will be on smooth pavement at the end of the semester.

Have fun, but take advantage of the opportunities you will have at school.

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