Introduction to Blogging: What It’s All About

Over a year ago, I started my blog on here. Sure, it kind of started out a little awkward and have less people like your work, but that is not what it should be about. Blogging should be about finding what topic(s) you love to write about. Of course, it will take months to find out what you will love to write about, but when you take a college course in photography or write advice posts for high school students, you are on the right track to blog about your favorite hobbies you do in your free time.

My advice to you: follow where your heart leads you on this journey. There will be bumpy rides along the way, but do not give up and remember: there will be more than one person who will look at your blog and share the same interests you have. Don’t just look at how many people like your posts of the day: have fun on and share this with your friends and family after you have started blogging.

For those who have been on here for a while, what was your experience like when you began blogging?

Humming Bird Angels Poem:

IMG_5703 - Copy

“Humming bird angels flew down from Heaven and whispered into my ear,’We are near the end and need you to hear what our message is so you can pass it on.’

They hurried and quickly said to me, ‘Prepare for what’s coming ahead. always keep your faith in God, no matter how hard these economic times are.’

I¬†shook my head and responded to them, ‘I sure will’ as they flew back into the tree before returning to Heaven.”