How to Write a Caption For Your Yearbook Pages:

Slither and Swim Snake

When I was on the yearbook staff back in high school for Fall 2009 through Spring 2011, I learned how you can re-word or write a caption for an image. Here are some basic examples down below:

 Example #1:
Before: “Since the school had opened in 2011, we are the third students to graduate from here,” said senior, Jane Doe.

After: “Since the school opened in 2011, we are the third graduating class,” Jane Doe stated.

*Use action verbs to shorten the sentence.*

Example #2:

Then: Coach Doe, a former NY Yankees ball player, said, “We are happy to build a new baseball stadium in downtown New York for our players.”

Now: Coach Doe, a former NY Yankees baseball player, commented, “We are excited to rebuild a new baseball stadium downtown.”

*If you need anymore examples, I will be delighted to add other examples on here for you. If you are new on the yearbook staff, I wish you the best of luck and remember to use action verbs (present, past tense) in order to shrink the caption size down a few paragraphs.*


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