How to Create a One-Month Calendar on Photoshop:

One-Month Calendar Example

Today, I will give instructions on how to create a one-month calendar on Photoshop. Down below are the instructions:

#1: Select an image you would like to have for your one month calendar
#2: Open up Photoshop Cs4
#3: Go to file-new-change the preset to “photo” and hit “okay.”
#4: Open your photo on Photoshop
#5: Copy and paste the image at the top center of the photo paper
#6: Once you adjust your picture, use the “T” or text tool and type in Sunday-Saturday
#7: After you have used the text tool once for typing the weekend and week-days, use the text tool one at a time when you are typing the numbers under the certain days.
*If you need any help, feel free to ask and I will explain the process in an easier way.

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