How to Create a One-Month Calendar on Photoshop:

One-Month Calendar Example

Today, I will give instructions on how to create a one-month calendar on Photoshop. Down below are the instructions:

#1: Select an image you would like to have for your one month calendar
#2: Open up Photoshop Cs4
#3: Go to file-new-change the preset to “photo” and hit “okay.”
#4: Open your photo on Photoshop
#5: Copy and paste the image at the top center of the photo paper
#6: Once you adjust your picture, use the “T” or text tool and type in Sunday-Saturday
#7: After you have used the text tool once for typing the weekend and week-days, use the text tool one at a time when you are typing the numbers under the certain days.
*If you need any help, feel free to ask and I will explain the process in an easier way.

Learning From the High School Yearbook Staff:

Everything Combined

Since every high school yearbook staff uses different companies to create a yearbook, I learned how to write captions for an image, use Photoshop vaguely and write my class division pages for my sophomore and junior year. If you would like to learn how to do any of these, and you are new on the yearbook staff or plan to join the activity, I will give you some tips from a picture I will draw.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment and I will do the best to my ability to answer any questions.

How to Add Freckles on Arms:

Freckle and No Freckle Arm image

Today, I have decided to write in this blog post about adding freckles on arms. It is the same instructions you can follow if you add freckles on your face.

#1: Open up an image of your arm on Photoshop
#2: Create a new layer
#3: Select a color for the freckles
#4: Use the pencil tool to add the dots onto your arm.
#5: Shrink the pencil tool because the smaller they are, the more similar they appear as freckles.
#6: Once you have stopped using the pencil tool, scroll your mouse over to the “layer” section and scroll down from “Normal” to “Multiply”. After you select “Multiply,” change the opacity between 18-25%.

How to Organize Your Photoshop Photos:

Steps 1 through 3 Photoshop Folder

If you would like to organize and save your Photoshop work, here’s one way you can organize your Photoshop Folder:

#1: Create and name new folder as “Photoshop Folder”
#2: Create two new folders within the “Photoshop Folder” and label one of them as “Photoshop Freckles” and “Photoshop Make-Up.”
#3: Find your images and save the ones that belong in one of the Photoshop folders.

How to Write a Caption For Your Yearbook Pages:

Slither and Swim Snake

When I was on the yearbook staff back in high school for Fall 2009 through Spring 2011, I learned how you can re-word or write a caption for an image. Here are some basic examples down below:

 Example #1:
Before: “Since the school had opened in 2011, we are the third students to graduate from here,” said senior,¬†Jane Doe.

After: “Since the school opened in 2011, we are the third graduating class,” Jane Doe stated.

*Use action verbs to shorten the sentence.*

Example #2:

Then: Coach Doe, a former NY Yankees ball player, said, “We are happy to build a new baseball stadium in downtown New York for our players.”

Now: Coach Doe, a former NY Yankees baseball player, commented, “We are excited to rebuild a new baseball stadium downtown.”

*If you need anymore examples, I will be delighted to add other examples on here for you. If you are new on the yearbook staff, I wish you the best of luck and remember to use action verbs (present, past tense) in order to shrink the caption size down a few paragraphs.*