Painting The Wall On Photoshop:

Top: Original Photo Bottom: Edited Image

Top: Original Photo
Bottom: Edited Image

Recently, I had my wall painted to a blood-orange color, but since the shade is too dark, there will be another color added to brighten the room. Since I am talking about a wall in my room here, I will actually take a photo of the color and colorize the photo on Photoshop to see what my wall will look like if it was a lighter orange. I will compare the images and see which is better to use for my barricade.

#1: Open up your image on Photoshop
#2: Create a new layer
#3: Select the color you would like to have on your wall
#4: Enlarge the brush tool to color your picture
#5: Once you are done with coloring your “Wall Photo,” scroll your mouse to “Normal” and click on “Color.” You will definitely see the difference between the original photo of your wall and the colorized image of your barricade.


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