How to Colorize Your Eyes With A Different Shade:

Hazel and Blue Eye Difference

When I first started using Photoshop years ago and in high school, I did not know how to colorize my eye color. But now, since that has changed and I am comfortable using Photoshop to color my eyes with a different shade, allow me to give you an idea on how you can change your original eye colors from hazel to blue.

Before I begin, I will provide an original and edited image. The original image includes my natural eye colors and the edited photo is where I changed my eye colors from hazel to blue.

Your instructions on how to do this are:

#1: Open up an original image showing your natural eye colors on Photoshop.
#2: Create a new layer.
#3: Select a blue color and use the “brush tool” to color your eyes.
#4: Once you have colored your eyes to a blue, change the “blending mode” from Normal to “Multiply” or “Color,” or one of those that is best suitable for your image.
#5: Save your image as a .jpg and if you want to change your eye color image from a blue color to green, save the image as a Photoshop file.


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