Do Not Show Fear of Your Writing Skills:

When I was in middle school, I was terrible at writing, even though I loved to do it as my favorite activity. I admit that I was horrible at using punctuation correctly and adding words in sentences that did not make sense. Little did I know that I would become a blogger and share this with other bloggers. Honestly, in my mind, I thought I was a writer, but in actuality, I was not much of one due to plenty of errors on my written assignments I encountered throughout my years of middle school and high school. Even though I was shy to ask for help, I went to college and my writing skills improved when I asked my English professor for help, although I continue to see some mistakes in my papers when I read aloud.

The point being is: do not be afraid to show how you write. Yes, criticism can hurt, but if you accept constructive feedback from your friends, family, bloggers and professors, you will be able to step up your game and enhance your writing capabilities. Don’t be afraid to seek out for help because that is what teachers and professionals within the subject are there for.

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