Correcting Sentences & Adding Action Verbs:

This blog post will be for those who are struggling to use action verbs correctly in different sentences:

Long: Shuggy 1993 will be driving to school tomorrow, around the age of 17 years.

Short: At 17 years old, Shuggy 1993 plans to drive her new vehicle to school.

Incorrect: One of the high schools in my hometown already shut down due to its poor environment.

Correct: One of the high schools in my hometown closed down due to the building’s poor condition.

I also encourage for those who are uncomfortable with their writing abilities to be specific in their sentences when, for example, if they are writing a journal or paper about cars. What cars do you plan to write about? How do you compare/contrast these vehicles? Write your questions on paper and do your research. Writing is not as easy as it seems. Practice writing your sentences the way you normally do and write it differently. What is similar and different between the two sentences? Expand your vocabulary.


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