Editing & Saving Photos on Photoshop:

Image of Calico Then and Now

After learning in high school on the yearbook staff how to use Photoshop, this blog post can be used as a tutorial for those who are new at using the program, whether if you are on the yearbook staff for the first time and are not familiar with it, or if you are anyone whose interested in photos and would love to learn how to use the program. In this post, you will learn how to edit and save photos on Photoshop.

Usually, when I add pictures to my computer and click on “Photoshop Cs4,” I click on “Image Size” and directly enlarge the image resolution to 300 but lower the pixel dimensions “width” to size 425. After editing the image size, I click on image–adjustments–brightness/contrast to lighten or darken up the photo. When you save an image after editing it on Photoshop, save the picture in a .jpg format.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and if you have any questions, feel free to comment.

Selecting Your College & Major:

Months before you graduate from high school and plan to attend college, ask yourself, “What college do I want to attend and what college has a wide variety of majors I can choose from without struggling to pick one that might not be as beneficial and useless?” Research your top colleges you think could grant your requests. After you take the ACT as many times as you can to receive a higher score, send them to those universities and wait for their responses. If they all reply to your scores and accept you, congratulations. If one or two of them don’t, do not panic because you can and will be accepted. ACT tests might matter, but your high school GPA is how you can also get into college. The point of this blog post is to find your passion and choose your university choice wisely. You can reach for the stars as much as every student who has and currently are going to college.

Photography & Writing: Ever Wondered How You Can Do Both?

When you think of writing and photography, you will probably think of a newspaper staff or a yearbook committee, interviewing and taking pictures of students, faculty, staff and other people around the school. But the question is: do you think you can manage taking pictures and write an interview at the same time? It is not as easy as it looks when multi-tasking from interviewing someone to grabbing a professional camera and snap a photo of them. If you can do both, that’s great. With all of this new technological devices coming into display, it’s not as hard for you to interview and click the button on a camera because you can take images with your camera phone, Kodak camera or any other technological tool you can use to take pictures.

Re-Reading And Correcting Blog Post Before Publishing:

In order to write a blog post that others will be interested to read, make sure the content you are writing about is readable, suitable and compelling for your audiences. Somewhere in the beginning, announce what you are writing about in your blog because if you don’t have a beginning, middle or end, the bloggers will not understand what you are writing about and they will lose interest. Read and re-read before you publish your post. Add something in the post that might catch the readers’ attentions, whether if it is a funny quote from a movie or a phrase that relates to your subject. Correcting your post of the day will make a difference to you and your audience.

What do you usually do before you publish a post?

Term of the Day #3: Defence

Since using only two terminology words a couple of months ago, I am posting another term called, “Defence.” As usual, I will post the definition and use the word in a made-up sentence.

Definition: “Defence” means that you are protecting yourself from danger or harms-way.

Sentence: I use karate defences to protect myself from dangerous individuals.