My Three Favorite Reasons Why I Love

Even though I joined since the end of July, I have three reasons why I love using for blogging:

1.) Interacting with other bloggers-I enjoy hearing what other bloggers have in common with me (ex: photography, school, etc). Socializing with bloggers on here is what helps me gain a strong perspective on writing and the subjects I strongly have passion to write about.

2.) A free website-I don’t know how many blogging websites are free, but I know for a fact that is. Although I have limits to what I can do for my website, this has to be one of the best websites to use for blogging and I definitely recommend using to those who have any desire to connect with the blogging world.


3.) The layout designs-Yes, there is a choice whether if you prefer to buy or choose a free layout design for your website, but there are useful and unique layouts that interest me when I try to select one of them for my page and after I nominate one of them, I can customize them with images of mine, photo designs, etc. They are pricey for the fancy ones and pro bono for the unembellished layouts, but whatever I choose best to suit me, I choose it and move on. The designs are worth it for your blogging page.

Those are the three reasons why I love What are your three main reasons you utilize

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