A Praise To The Awesome Nancy Drew Games and Books:

For the past week, I have been playing too much Nancy Drew computer games and doing less homework and writing little to no blog posts. It seems as if I am on another blogging break at the moment. But, that’s okay, I am blogging this post for today, but mostly about Nancy Drew and the awesome online games.

After purchasing the “Curse of Blackmoor Manor” a few years ago and currently bought “The Deadly Device” and “Alibi in Ashes,” I have playing one game at a time. “Alibi in Ashes” is a fun game, where I convert from Nancy to Ned and other people, investigating a crime happening in River Heights.

These mystery books and videogames are awesome to read and play and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading mysteries. It would be awesome if there was a computer game of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.

What do you like about the Nancy Drew computer games?