Welcome Fall At Last:

When I come home, I unpack my items and place them in my room. After unpacking and socializing with my grandmother, I walk outside and see the cats and dogs. Today has been a great and beautiful day because the weather is cooling down and fall is in the air. The weather is perfect; not too cold and not too hot. The beauty of fall is soon to become a reality.

What’s your favorite season of the year?

My Free Time At Blogging Different Topics:

Although I have classes in the morning and early afternoon times from Monday through Thursday and one early in the morning on Fridays, I still have free time to log on and publish another post of the day. Now that I am in the routine of getting up, walking to class, taking a break in between my studies and watching t.v. shows from the 1990s, I need to at least come up with an interesting topic to write on here for the night but it seems as if my ideas are running out.

From posting about my animals to writing about me attempting to cook 3 fried eggs to publishing about college education and beyond, I still wonder what other subjects are great for a blog post of the day.

What ideas do you usually try to write about in your free time?