A Praise To The Awesome Nancy Drew Games and Books:

For the past week, I have been playing too much Nancy Drew computer games and doing less homework and writing little to no blog posts. It seems as if I am on another blogging break at the moment. But, that’s okay, I am blogging this post for today, but mostly about Nancy Drew and the awesome online games.

After purchasing the “Curse of Blackmoor Manor” a few years ago and currently bought “The Deadly Device” and “Alibi in Ashes,” I have playing one game at a time. “Alibi in Ashes” is a fun game, where I convert from Nancy to Ned and other people, investigating a crime happening in River Heights.

These mystery books and videogames are awesome to read and play and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading mysteries. It would be awesome if there was a computer game of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.

What do you like about the Nancy Drew computer games?

Being Creative With Images on PhotoShop Cs4:

Left: Original Photo and Right: Edited Photo

Left: Original Photo and Right: Edited Photo

Today, I decided to be creative and use an image I took of my cat and colorize the picture differently. After coloring my cat’s eye color (originally green) to blue, I also decided to color the wood she is sitting on, a dark brown and her collar, dark pink.

For those who enjoy photography, I highly encourage you to be creative with images and have fun. Don’t mess with professional pictures. Instead, select a good picture of you or your favorite animal and change the image to something that is different from the original photo. For example, if you have hazel eyes, change them to blue and see how you look.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a photo creator. Just do it to the best of your ability and see the differences between the primary and secondary pictures.

Have fun!

I Was As Busy As A Flying Bee:

For the past week and a half, I have been busy studying for quizzes, tests and memorizing my introduction speech for speech class. After the week was over, I felt as if I had accomplished a lot, even though the semester is not over yet. It feels great to complete a lot of tasks before driving home for the weekend and having a blast on the lake.

I sure did take a long blogging break, however. I tried to find ideas what I could have written about and posted it to WordPress but I was too focused on my school work and I had to finish stuff before logging back on and write whatever I had to say. I was “busy as a flying bee,” for the past week and I will continue to work hard and take a big break in between.

How do you balance your school work and blogging? Would you identify yourself as busy as a flying bee?

Meet Maggie: A Maltese-Yorkshire Dog

Maggie in November 2012

Meet Maggie: Maggie is a Maltese-Yorkshire who loves to be the boss of the house and play with my other dog Daisy when she wants to be noticed. Of course, she barks at strangers who are walking on the road, and I know for a fact that Maggie tends to become overprotective of her “Mom” frequently.

Maggie is full of energy and full of life. She thrives for attention and she usually receives attention from me when I come home and throw a ball to her downstairs to run and bring it back up to me.

Even though Maggie becomes jealous of the other dogs from time to time, she is still Maggie and one of the best dogs to raise in your home for protection.

Enjoying Life As A College Student And Blogger:

Even though I am a shy individual with hopes and dreams to become a journalist one day, what I am planning to learn from this blogging experience is to excel in my writing skills and use immense vocabulary words. And I hope to be one day a fiction writer and a journalist because I love writing in general.

I enjoy life as a college student, blogger and everything in between.

What are your hopes and dreams as a blogger? What do you hope to accomplish from this experience as a blogger?

A Common Ghost Story in TN: The Bell Witch

Ever heard about the Tennessee ghost story, “The Bell Witch?” Well, some might assume that the story is real, while others assume that it is made up. It is really unclear to say whether if the Witch is real or not. Even though I grew up and heard about this my entire life, I don’t know who to believe when it comes down to determining if the Bell Witch is a ghost story to tell at campfires or what not.

Yes, there is a town in Tennessee called Adams, where the Bell Witch story has been known since the early 1800s. This all includes a cave, the Bell property and a cemetery. The house, I believe, has been torn down many, many years ago and believe it or not, it has been said that John Bell, Sr’s first grave marker disappeared and now, there is a newer one there.

Do you believe that the Bell Witch is real or is it untrue?

Multi-Tasking From One to Another

A couple of days after being back to school, my laundry basket fills up, I have homework to complete and I need to study for a test, the trash needs to be taken out, etc. So what do I do most of the time? Multi-task. I go from one little job back to my homework and from my homework to throwing the trash bag in the dumpster and so on. Multi-tasking is balancing out what you need to do.

I balance my homework to cleaning my room to taking a shower to doing laundry and back to homework. Multi-tasking does keep energy in the blood flow going and it keeps you active, but there will be times that you will forget what you are supposed to do.

If I can multi-task, anyone can multi-task.

Before You Speak In Front Of The Class:

Even though I am bashful when I speak in front of the class, I found a way to practice my speech before I speak in front of the class. Before you write and present your speech in front of your audience, practice what you will say in front of your friends and use word pad to write an example of a speech that you would use and read one sentence at a time:

Example: I like to drive my car to school because I can listen to my own music and not have to wait for my parents to pick me up at a later time.

I like to drive my car to school

Because I can listen to my own music

And not have to wait for my parents to

Pick me up at a later time.

Read these sentences at one time and try to collide them together (all in one). This can help, but also, you can read your speech in front of the mirror. Remember the saying, “practice makes perfect.”

Morning Time:

Even though I get up early for my classes for Monday through Friday, I am usually not a morning person, unless if I have a phone call or receive a text message from people. Sometimes I get up early in the morning to start and finish my homework, watch television shows, or to read a Nancy Drew book I am anxious to complete.

The morning time is not always my time to get up, but once I am up, I am up for the rest of the day.

Who else likes to sleep through late mornings (10:00-11:00 a.m.) on the weekend?

40th Blog Post In September, 2013:

I can’t believe that this is my fortieth blog post today. It seems like yesterday I signed up for WordPress in late July and now it is already September 7th. Time flies by when blogging for fun. I wonder if I’ll reach my fiftieth post in October or November?

In this post, I will briefly mention that blogging is fun and for journalism majors, I encourage you to sign up for this because this is one of the best opportunities you can use to help you with your writing skills, as well as receiving feedback. Not to mention, this is one activity you can add to your resume when applying for a job.

This is number 40 and I expect to reach #50 within a couple of weeks to one month.