Writing To Your Best Abilities On Blog Posts and School Work:

Each time I write a paper over a specific topic, I try to re-write my sentences and correct my spelling errors as much as possible. Other than correcting, I have been told that anyone’s writing is not perfect, but instead, you should focus on writing to the best of your abilities.

That is one of my main focuses of blogging and writing school papers: to write to my best ability. I do not expect perfection, nor do I expect to get the best blog post of the day. All I have to do when writing a school assignment and a blog post is to focus on writing to my best abilities, and correcting as much mistakes as I can find.

Blogging Posts Constantly:

Quite often, I find myself blogging constantly, rushing myself into publishing my posts and expect to receive tons of feedback. It seems as if I am blogging too much or the fact that I am writing many topics that are commonly similar or not as interesting. I seems as if I am on-the-go when it comes to blogging. After I proofread, I soon hit the blue button “Publish.” I am wondering that I need to slow down and think of an interesting topic that readers would enjoy viewing. It’s like when I publish one blog post, I will post another within a day or so.

Does everyone else feel as if they rush to publish their blogs constantly?