Blogging In A Quiet Area:

When I started blogging, I began at home, in my room because it is a quiet area where I can concentrate of what I am writing about. In a couple of days, I will be back in college for my second year and I will have a dorm room or a lobby area where I can focus on doing my homework or blogging new posts.

Blogging in a quiet area, surrounded with others who use a computer and drinking coffee ( Ex: Starbucks) is a nice place to sit down and write your work.

But the question I am asking is: What other areas do you find a peaceful time to sit down and write a blog post?

A Crowded Fair:

Yesterday evening, I went to the fair, walking around to watch the tractor and truck pull, buying two bags of cotton candy and one coca-cola, and looked at the older and newer rides.

Although the fair became overcrowded at night-time, I still had a great time and enjoyed walking around and seeing new rides that did not exist when I was a kid. When I walked by a tent, I listened to one country music song.

There are always plenty of stuff to do at a crowded fair, whether if it is riding roller coasters, eating popcorn and cotton candy or watching trucks and tractor pull.