What I Love About Blogging:

A couple of weeks ago, I signed up to join the blogging world because I love writing in general. It is absolutely fun to read other blogger’s posts. There are interesting stories I enjoy reading, commenting and liking. What do I love about blogging?

A.) What I enjoy writing about – regardless if my topics are random or belonging to a certain category, I enjoy writing, despite what my topics cover.


B.) Who Will Read Your Posts – it is always fascinating to receive comments from other bloggers who enjoy the same topics you write about. I enjoy hearing what others have to say.

Blogging in today’s society is great for those who want to become writers, whether if they want to publish a book or if they want to write from their hearts. The point of blogging is to express yourself creatively, professionally, or personally in a positive way.

What do you love about blogging?


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