My Attempt On Cooking 3 Fried Eggs:

The Three Fried Eggs Image

This morning, I walked downstairs, chatted with my grandmother on the back porch about cooking three fried eggs, walked back in, grabbed the pan, sprayed olive oil, turned the stove onto a high temperature, cracking one egg at a time, placing into the pan, turning the temperature low, flipping it over twice and placing them onto my plate. My attempts on cooking three fried eggs were not hard at all. I just need to practice often. And not only do I need to practice cooking eggs, but also, I need to learn how to cook other food. These fried eggs tasted delicious, although the image may not look as appetizing as I only described the taste.

Term Of The Day #2: Forfeit

Forfeit is usually defined as the act of quitting in a sports game or sometimes, charging a person with a fine over a late payment, etc.

In this post, I will add two sentences, using them in two different ways.


a.) Unfortunately, one of the best softball teams forfeited (quitted) due to a low number of players showing up for the game.

b.) After two days have passed the housing payment deadline, a woman was forfeited (charged) with a late fee.

How would you define “forfeit” and what sentences can you use this term?