Term Of The Day #1: Fabricate

In the English dictionary, there are numerous terminologies used in the everyday world. It is important, as a blog writer and journalism major, to expand my vocabulary.

In this post, I will define a vocabulary word of the day and write a sentence. The term I selected today is called “fabricate.” Fabricate is defined as building, creating, or designing something.

Each day, I will add a vocabulary word on here, defining it and writing a sentence using the term.


At JoAnn’s Fabric store, a woman walked in and fabricated two blankets, using photographs and colorful cloths.

How would you define “fabricate” and how would you use the term in a sentence?

Dogs Are Nothing But A Family’s Best Friend:

Dogs Collage

With three inside dogs and one who walks in and out daily, Daisy May, Maggie, Bullet and Foxy enjoy walking on the back porch with me and barking when they hear someone pull into the driveway or a lawn mower cutting the grass.

Bullet, a Shih-Tzu Pomeranian, likes to sit inside the solarium, viewing the front yard and watching television. When he wants to use the restroom outside or eat dog food, he walks over, staring at me for at least one minute or so. Bullet also stares when he is striving to receive attention. Usually, he stays quiet unless the others start barking.

Maggie, on the other hand, is a Maltese-Yorkie, who loves to dominate Foxy and chase Daisy May when she goes outside with Bullet. She keeps everyone alert, whether if someone is walking up to the house or if she sees the neighbors exercising up and down the road.

Daisy is an inside and outside dog, who follows mom and I when we take our walks in the evening time, running into at least, two male dogs. Her buddy, Chicago, walks a few houses away to come visit Daisy and of course, to receive and devour food. Every time I chant “Where’s Chicago,” Daisy and the other dogs begin to bark and run to the door, wondering where her best friend, Chicago, is.

Foxy is a Pomeranian, who loves to spill the dog food on the floor a few minutes after I poured the food into the bowl. As usual, when Foxy runs to the back porch and hears random noises, my grandmother is talking on the phone, and it is hard to hear when Foxy and the others bark out loud.

Dogs in this family are nothing but worth a family’s best friend. Even though dogs cannot talk, they still have feelings and love to be comforted by everyone.

Mary, The Guardian Angel:

Mary, The Guardian Angel image

When the weather stirs up erratically, the guardian angel stands strong and does not sway when the wind blows.

She protects us whenever the storm rages on. And the guardian angel looks over us every day, from bad weather, through the clouds and beyond.

She communicates with God on a daily basis.

When the weather gets bad, she lets us know ahead of time.

Her name is Mary and she is one of God’s guardian angels.

As Mary guards our home, she stands on the fountain of love.