Applying For A Job In Journalism: What You Could Add On Your Resume

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After a journalism graduate finishes college, their new chapter in life is to find a job. As everyone fills out an application, there are other pieces of information you can add to your resume, such as:

A.) Extra-Curricular Activities relating to Journalism (yearbook, newspaper, etc) – Whether if you were on the yearbook staff for a couple of years in high school and returned to it in college, you can still add this onto your resume because your boss can view your profile and see that you have experienced part of the journalism field, which will look great on your resume.

B.) Blogging – Bloggers usually write many topics, based on opinion or what the news media cover (ex: politics, religion, education, etc). This can definitely look great on a resume because you are also experiencing what the writing world is all about.


C.) Internships in College – In college, you have the opportunity, for any major, to apply for internships. Internships are similar to jobs in one way, but sometimes, the interns don’t get paid. This can help you understand what you will actually experience once you are out in the real world. This is one of the greatest achievements you can add to your application.