The Three Whiskered Cats:

Cats Collage

In the previous years, cats at my house have been coming and leaving constantly. Luckily, however, there has been one of my cats who has lived for nine years and is still kicking. Her name is Calico. Not to mention, she is a calico cat. Born in the Southeastern United States, Calico came to live with my mom a couple of years after she was born. For the past eight and a half to nine years, she has been one grumpy kitty cat, not getting along with others, except for one cat that was born and raised in the same area as she had grown up in. Other than her grumpy moods, she likes to hide in boats, under the sheds and the house, and sometimes, she decides to walk to the house where food is awaiting for her.

Ariel, a light orange tabby cat, was born in Clarksville and was homeless as a kitten until one day; my brother found her and decided that she needed a home. She lived with him for a small amount of time and around sometime in 2011; Ariel came to live with my family and I. She has been fed soft kitty food, dry kitty food, spoiled to the bone and enjoys spending time with her son, Ice-man.

Ariel’s kitten, Ice-man, was born and raised in the backroom of my house, where he stayed inside and outside for a certain time period. Now a mostly, one year old outside cat, Ice-man is playful and active who loves to eat his soft kitty food and taking naps on the cushions on the back porch.

These three whiskered cats keep the dogs and I entertained because they are fun to watch when chasing each other around the yard.