Cameras In Action: The Yearbook Staff Snapping Photos

Picture of Camera

In the early stages of learning about journalism and journalism’s purpose, yearbook staff members walk in and out of school, snapping photos and interviewing teachers, students and the school’s administration. In the process, the yearbook committee learns how to write differently, how to properly hold and use a professional camera, and many more techniques the members gain along the way. It is an awesome experience to remember, looking through yearbooks. Yearbooks create a lifetime memory for students and faculty. They are one of the best books to look back on and share with your children and grandchildren.

The yearbook group runs constantly in and out of the classroom, knocking on teachers’ doors and asking to interview and take photos of many students. These members are always on-the-go, collecting information, writing stories, and proofreading their pages for corrections before they are sent off to a company where yearbook pages are combined and created into a book. As cameras are set up and ready to be used, the staff committee and adviser are in action to explore, experience, and have a fun time.