Cell Phones in School: Are They One of The Biggest Distractions in The Classroom?

Cell Phone Photo

As some students bring a cell phone to class, texting their buddies when the teacher is talking, one of the biggest controversial questions in schools today are: are cell phones one of the biggest distractions in the classroom? Why are they distracting to other students and the teacher? Obviously, students who text when the teacher talks, show a lack of respect to the pupils and the instructor.

Yes, technology is great, but what other reasons do cell phones cause distractions inside the school building? Students cannot focus and the teacher cannot concentrate when he or she hears a student clicking buttons or take their eyes off of the board when a cell phone rings in the middle of class. And once the teacher grabs the phone from the student, the student will sometimes sit and argue to have their phone back.

It is good to bring a cell phone to school for safety reasons, but having them turned on and texting in the middle or beginning of class is unacceptable and quite, disrespectful. What’s your honest opinion about cell phones distracting class in school (excluding college)?