Songs Stuck In Your Head When You Are Driving:

Ever had that song, “She’ll be coming ’round the mountains when she comes” stuck in your head? From time to time, it stays in my head when I am driving up and down the mountains when I arrive and leave school campus. Originally a kid’s song, it is traditionally chanted at camps.

What song do you have stuck in your head when you are driving around the mountains?

Learning A Lot From My First Journalism Course:

Even though today was my second day in my first journalism course I enrolled at the beginning of the semester, I am actually learning how social media and mass communication evolves around the blogging and social networking worlds. It is fascinating to learn, as a journalism major, to define mass communication and to identify its ups and downs.

From watching the news to reading Yahoo to blogging and socializing on Facebook, these topics, as a whole, are part of the communication process in journalism because you are socializing with your former classmates from high school, emailing one person at a time and blogging over a specific topic to an audience (less or more).

Thus far, I have learned quite a bit from the first chapter of the book and my second day in the classroom.

What have you learned in the past or present about mass communication?

Writing Your Blog Posts On The Calendar:

Most of the time, when I write and publish a blog post or more of the day, I usually write down what day I have posted them and what number blog posts they are because writing about them on the calendar keeps me up-to-date and organized.

I also color code the calendar on which days I have written and posted my blogs.
For example, in July, I wrote three blogs. When I wrote down what day I typed them up and the day I pressed the “publish” button, I circle the days in July with a green marker, identifying that I posted three blog posts in the month of July.

What creative way can you organize and identify the name and number of blog posts you wrote on your calendar?

Diving Into The Homework Swimming Pool For Class:

After I left this morning, leaving my first class of the morning, I took a small break and now I am diving into the homework swimming pool where I will be researching and writing my first assignment of the day. As I gather my notes and syllabus and look through what I need to do, I know that I would want to take one step at a time and finish the rest of the steps a little bit later (way before the deadline).

It feels great stepping into the homework swimming pool mode, taking action and working on my assignments as soon as possible.

The Point Of Using An Agenda Book:

Agenda Book Layout Example

Although I usually write important stuff on pieces of paper or on a calendar, it is also good to use an agenda book because they keep you organized and up-to-date. It is also good to carry an agenda book to class or at a meeting to write down the due dates for your assignments in class and at work.

Regardless, academic and non-academic planners are as helpful and mostly organized like a regular calendar (Although they are not placed on the refrigerator).

When you have an upcoming meeting, use the agenda book. The point of using this planner is to keep your work in order.

What object, other than an agenda book, would you use to keep your work organized?

Tip of The Night: Selecting Colorful Pens for 5 Days A Week

Whether if it is a Monday or a Friday, select a colorful pen for each class you attend on different days to take for notes. It will not only look great on paper, but the beauty of the color will be blissful and colorful to stare at in the notebook all day long.

Of course, Monday’s will always be somewhat a slow day, but if you bring a bright coloring pen to class, that boring day might gradually move from a slow day to one of the best Monday’s you ever had.

Pens are very unique and creative to use when taking notes for class. The only problem with pens is that there’s no eraser. There is one type of pens that do erase, but not for the multi-colored pens.

Applying different ink colors to a paper for notes are interesting to look at, especially if you add a design or more on the paper.

Writing To Your Best Abilities On Blog Posts and School Work:

Each time I write a paper over a specific topic, I try to re-write my sentences and correct my spelling errors as much as possible. Other than correcting, I have been told that anyone’s writing is not perfect, but instead, you should focus on writing to the best of your abilities.

That is one of my main focuses of blogging and writing school papers: to write to my best ability. I do not expect perfection, nor do I expect to get the best blog post of the day. All I have to do when writing a school assignment and a blog post is to focus on writing to my best abilities, and correcting as much mistakes as I can find.

Blogging Posts Constantly:

Quite often, I find myself blogging constantly, rushing myself into publishing my posts and expect to receive tons of feedback. It seems as if I am blogging too much or the fact that I am writing many topics that are commonly similar or not as interesting. I seems as if I am on-the-go when it comes to blogging. After I proofread, I soon hit the blue button “Publish.” I am wondering that I need to slow down and think of an interesting topic that readers would enjoy viewing. It’s like when I publish one blog post, I will post another within a day or so.

Does everyone else feel as if they rush to publish their blogs constantly?

Blogging As A Journal: Is It Similar Or Different?

When you write, do you write blogs like they are journals? I do, but what I post on here are positive journals to keep my writing abilities alive and happy. Blogging is similar to a journal because you are placing your personal thoughts on specific topics you write about online; not necessarily in a book.

Yes, blogging can have its negative posts, similar to a journal you write about in a book over issues that are frustrating and not understandable, but isn’t blogging about one over the other, or in fact, about both?

How would you identify blogging similar to a journal? Is it the same or is it different? How so?

Back In The Dorm: Ready For A New School Year

Today, I moved back in the dorms, folding and placing my clothes inside the dresser drawers as well as making my lofted bed smaller and putting school supplies on the desk drawers.

It is a beautiful day outside and tons of cars are pulling in and out, trying to find a parking spot near their student’s dormitory. Quite hot outside, actually, the returning students hand out bottles of water and volunteer to help others carry a refrigerator and microwave inside the building.

I am back in the dorm and ready to put on my nerd glasses and blast into the upcoming school year with fun and excitement. I am back in action for the best way possible and love to learn as much as I can learn and do the best to my abilities.

How ready and prepared are you for college (if college students)?