How to Request Autographs:

href=””>Autograph #2 James D'Arcy

Whether if you are writing to your favorite musician, actor or actress, there are plenty of ways to write them an autograph request! Because I received two autographs signed from two excellent actors, I am adding instructions that might help you receive an autograph in the near or further future!
#1: On top of the paper, address the famous individual as “Mr., Miss, Ms., or Mrs.”
#2: When you begin writing, introduce yourself and where you are from.
#3: After you introduce yourself, begin talking about some of the movies you saw of their’s or the music of their’s you listen to.
#4: Praise them for their work!
#5: Ask politely for an autograph request
#6: Possibly add “congratulations” to them if they have a new movie or album coming out.
#7: Either way, you can finish the request with “Sincerely” or “Thank you” and sign your name.
***Wait for a couple of months to a year! Always be patient and calm because you never know what kind of package you are expecting in the mail.
Mail it to their address where they are right now: the best website I recommend using is:


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