Breezing Through Freshman Year of College:

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Upon completing freshman year of college, there are many ways you can survive through your first year. Of course, it has been said multiple times, freshman year will be a struggle since you, the student, are adjusting to a new environment. So, how can you breeze through your freshman year in a four-year university?

A.) If you are living in the dorms, participate in some of the activities that your RA and other RA’s post on your door.

B.) Study, Study, Study – If you live far away from home, study in a quiet area (ex: dorm room, lobby, library or outside). Studying in college has no comparison to high school studying. In college, it is recommended to study for at least two to three hours a day. You can study for one hour in high school, take the test and pass it with flying colors.

C.) Attend Classes Regularly – Attendance is one of the key factors to passing classes. Although some professors are lenient on roll check, there will be instructors who will check to see if their students are present but for those who choose to be skip, they will be marked absent.

D.) Attend Conferences With Professors – Another important piece of information to succeed and pass the class is meeting with your professor and asking questions on an assignment you are unable to understand.


E.) Organizing School Work – Organizing your school work can help you out in the long run. When you separate your notes into one divider and your homework into another divider, place them into a binder. Name your binder on a course you are taking for the semester.

Friends Shopping And Socializing:

Shopping with friends can be one of the most relaxing, socializing and rewarding days to ever have. There are tons of items you and your group can shop for and plenty of conversations to cover. Offering an opinion to your best friends before buying hair products or clothes can be one of the best reasons to shop with your friends. Socializing and shopping are essential for friends because they enjoy spending time with one another and drive to the mall and have a blast. This is how you can define friends shopping and socializing: to spend time shopping, buying and interacting with each other.

How to Request Autographs:

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Whether if you are writing to your favorite musician, actor or actress, there are plenty of ways to write them an autograph request! Because I received two autographs signed from two excellent actors, I am adding instructions that might help you receive an autograph in the near or further future!
#1: On top of the paper, address the famous individual as “Mr., Miss, Ms., or Mrs.”
#2: When you begin writing, introduce yourself and where you are from.
#3: After you introduce yourself, begin talking about some of the movies you saw of their’s or the music of their’s you listen to.
#4: Praise them for their work!
#5: Ask politely for an autograph request
#6: Possibly add “congratulations” to them if they have a new movie or album coming out.
#7: Either way, you can finish the request with “Sincerely” or “Thank you” and sign your name.
***Wait for a couple of months to a year! Always be patient and calm because you never know what kind of package you are expecting in the mail.
Mail it to their address where they are right now: the best website I recommend using is: