Positive Thoughts For First-Time Parenting Hardships:

Parents carry a long list of responsibilities while working full-time jobs. Having a baby takes a toll on finances and another bill to add on the list.

However, the reward of being a parent comes with working hard to provide, nurture and instill values your children will adapt to once they hit school age. They will be influenced by pastors, teachers, classmates and other peers they seek outside of the home. Always give them your time away from technological devices because they will remember how you shaped their futures.

Becoming a parent for the first-time is a struggle because you are looking for a list of daycares convenient and affordable for your child on top of working a full-time job to provide a roof over their heads and balancing a budget to keep afloat.

No matter how easy parenting appears to others, all parents endure all forms of hardships. From God’s Grace and blessings to all, let us keep a positive attitude no matter the amount of hurdles we jump through to accomplish and guide our children throughout this life.

Five Reasons I Love Parenthood:

Becoming a first time parent is scary. We are not aware of the unknown until after the birth. However, we are blessed and learn to grow as parents.

Here are five main reasons why I love being a parent:

  1. Watching them grow as each month passes. Grayson is now two months old and began to smile over a week ago. His smile makes me cry with joy because he is growing up very fast. Never take youth for granted because each and every one of us are growing old quickly.
  2. The bonding moments we all treasure together from the hospital stay over to the first three months staying up late at night with multiple feedings, diaper and clothing changes and snuggles.
  3. Continuing to educate myself raising a baby post early-childhood education courses. Meaning, deep subjects that weren’t covered in the span of 20 weeks and how to tackle these obstacles.
  4. Observing other parents raising their children and take what I can learn from them. Watching educational videos such as Super Nanny, Jo Frost and the importance of communicating and disciplining children.
  5. Helping others who are embarking on a journey where we will all discover our mistakes and determine the outcome of raising babies overall. We are human and will make errors. We love and will do anything for our children. We must not judge. Rather, pass on wisdom and compassion towards parents who are just as hardworking and loving towards their kids no matter what class systems children were born into.

Perception Changes About Stay-at-Home Moms:

Before giving birth to my first child, I assumed that stay-at-home moms had the easiest job in the world. By easiest, they looked after their children and performed daily household tasks.

Nothing else to consider until after bringing Grayson home from the hospital, little did I realize how challenging motherhood was going to hit along with the household chores and taking care of everyone else’s needs and wants. It took almost two months to realize that being a stay-at-home mom is not as easy as it looks.

The baby has constant diaper changes, feeding times and those lovely snuggles in your arms. After laying him down for a nap, it’s time to nap yourself or keep cleaning the house until your tasks for the day are check-marked off the list for each day and each week you tackle on your busy schedule.

Years before having kids, I perceived stay-at-home moms as individuals who didn’t want to learn anything beyond their high school education in case something goes wrong with their relationship with their partners or family members. However, my perception has changed for the better now because I realize how tough it is to multi-task each day.

To us working moms, we may work twice as hard but we should realize that moms who raise their children at home are just as valuable and hardworking as we are. The difference is, we don’t have a choice in many situations due to financial reasons, health insurance coverage purposes and living anywhere these days do not come with cheap prices.

A Struggle to Find A Daycare During Pandemic: Why Bother?

Over the course of a 10 month period, daycares expanded their long waiting list before the pandemic hit which has now affected working parents more than ever.

It has gotten so bad that daycares are turning people away and babysitters who had previous experience working in the early childhood field have done the same to new parents. Not keeping their words to the people who contacted them because they are looking to babysit and earn money only to now turn people away from them who trusted them. Their reputations have been tarnished and cannot be relied upon ever again.

It is a huge struggle for working moms and dads out there to place their child in a daycare center during this pandemic because they have to limit the amount of children interacting with one another to prevent the spread of a nasty virus.

To working moms and dads, we only hope it can get better. It is a struggle but we are doing what we can through others who can recommend us to someone who is willing to babysit. However, if they change their minds at the last minute after they expressed to meet with you in the public and cop up a story to get out of babysitting, it is a red flag that they are not worth looking after our children, time and money.

Editing The View of a Lake on Photoshop:



  1. Zoom in on the image to 37%
  2. Decide what should we focus on first: the exposure, lighting, color or balance
  3. Focus on the color and give each three components within that area a percentage to prevent overexposure
  4. Second aspect is the exposure which has an even level of lightness and darkness
  5. Lighting is our final process for this photo and we used three enhancement levels to darken the water and sky